Webinar Stiffness after elbow arthrosplasty : how to manage ? (replay)


Elbow surgery is no more the "forgotten" articulation of orthopedic surgeons.
Prosthetic surgery has undergone many developments and has made implants more and more efficient. Despite these changes, postoperative #stiffness remains one of the most common complications.

Our experts will tackle these stiffnesses and provide concrete solutions, in order to achieve satisfactory functional results after this type of surgery.

#1 Radial head prosthesis : easy to do, easy to fail ! A. Vidil - 10 min
#2 Stiffness after total elbow arthroplasty : the reasons ? G. King - 10 min
#3 Stiffness after total elbow arthroplasty : how to manage ? P. Mansat - 10 min
#4 Technical points for revision of total elbow arthroplasty : J. Sanchez Sotelo - 10 min
Discussion and questions : 15 minutes

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