Medical Departments

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Medical Departments

PARIS SHOULDER COURSE 2021 - 2021 JULY 8th, 10th - Discover our Invited Lectures

Programme 2021 PARIS SHOULDER COURSE gives replay access to its last event during the Covid-19 outbreak

Medical Departments

Webinar Stiffness after elbow arthrosplasty : how to manage ? (replay)

  Elbow surgery is no more the "forgotten" articulation of orthopedic surgeons. Prosthetic surgery has undergone many developments and has made implants more and more efficient. ...

Medical Departments

Webinar Kienböck's Disease (replay)

  April 24th - 11:00 am   Chairman: C. Mathoulin - Current bibliography on Kienbock’s disease : A. Arnaout (8’) Wrist kinematic in Kienbock’s disease: S. Mac ...

Medical Departments

On-Top Plasty (replay)

Webinar of Institut de la Main : On-Top plasty replay Registration click here : Institut de la Main Webinar Surgery on congenital hand anomalies can be challenging in severe malformations. ...

Institut de la main

L'INSTITUT DE LA MAIN est devenu en 20 ans l'un des principaux centres de chirurgie de la main et du membre supérieur en Europe.

L'Institut se compose de 8 chirurgiens. Toutes les pathologies du membre supérieur y sont traitées


Institut de la Main
Clinique Bizet
21 rue Georges Bizet
75016 PARIS

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